Multiple Extensions

Segregate departments using multiple extensions

A Phone Extension is For a Person, Not a Desk

In most phone systems, an extension number is assigned to a physical phone, and an employee has to be at the phone to get a call. With Zeotel, phone extensions are assigned to people, who tell the system what phone they want calls routed to.

Zeotel virtual receptionist forwards all incoming calls to desired extensions. You can set up any number of extensions and the virtual receptionist connects all these extensions to your mobile, phone. It is a wonderful tool to impress your callers and boost your enterprise image. You can work from anywhere, anytime without the need of a live receptionist to direct your calls. Every Zeotel Virtual Receptionist account automatically comes with 4 extensions instantly (and the ability to add more from your account) allowing you the efficiency of a big business phone system for a small business price. Use your new extensions to divert calls to colleagues, or satellite offices, or mobile professionals. Landline or mobile wherever you want to divert calls to is up to you. Each extension can be tailored to meet the needs of the end user so you'll be able to get the most from your new phone system.

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