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Virtual Receptionist

What is this?

Cloud telephony solution by Zeotel is the Business Phone system for you if you are a small business that needs a PBX system, but doesn't have the resources to manage an internal PBX or you are working out of offices with no room for storing telephony equipment. Our cloud telephony solution offers all the advantages of a PBX system, but bypasses the barriers Small and Medium businesses face in hosting and managing an internal PBX, while still utilizing a secure network. Simple to install, it uses your existing landline or mobile phone connections. We guarantee you will never miss a call, no matter where you are. Our cloud solution allows for calls to be queued or routed to an automated attendant. Consequently, sales increase, as you capture all potential sales leads and keep in touch with existing customers.

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Zeotel cloud telephony will simplify your communications and boost your productivity, whether you work from home or travel constantly. Zeotel virtual receptionist is an all-in-one phone system designed to grow and change with your business. Small businesses dream of growing at a fast rate and achieving a better stand in the corporate market. Zeotel service for small business enables the business firms to get the advantages of smart calling at an affordable price. With this system, you get all the advanced calling features which make you appear more professional to your customers. Zeotel solution provides you with all the benefits that the large organizations enjoy without having to invest such a huge amount and deal with the technical issues yourself. Thus, you get a big professional image with a little investment.

How Zeotel Phone Number Can Help Your Business?

Enable more customers to reach you with Zeotel incoming virtual receptionist number

We often get calls from our prospects asking us how local phone number can help there business? There is world of opportunity awaiting any business and there are no physical boundaries. Yes, that’s true you don’t have to have physical location everywhere you want your business to operate. Zeotel cloud telephony has unveiled the world of opportunity for all.

Zeotel's Cloud Telephony Services Are Supported By 24X7 Support Services And Customer-Centric Care Programs

Zeotel cloud telephony has been providing the most advanced communications systems to enterprises since 2006. Our customizable products and services will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization and our world-class customer support is second to none.

Zeotel Support Ticket

Customers can manage there trouble tickets using Zeotel ticketing system.


Customers can manage services, monitor trouble tickets, and make payments.

Self Care Portal

We are excited to launch our redesigned SelfCare portal - 'My Zeotel' - Your Space. Your Way.

Screenpops For Calls

We offer live call notification

Impress your customers by having their information at your finger tips before you even answer the phone. When receiving a call from a customer, Zeotel Dashboard will show Screenpops even before you recieve call.

Local Numbers

Choose from landline or GSM

Local virtual phone numbers allow you to maintain a presence in any of cities across India. For example, you could have a number in Mumbai, and your customers in that area could call the number locally.


Affordable hosted solution

It's true, Zeotel offer cheap cloud telephony solutions, however by "cheap" we mean our pricing for our telephony solutions. The call quality, hosted PBX System features, and customer service we offer is world class.

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Seamless scalability, whether you have one or hundreds or thousands of employees

We offer robust call reporting capabilities, allowing management to keep an eye on incoming calls.


Providing easy viewing to the real-time status of all your account’s extensions, the Dashboard allows users to customize views, see who’s on the phone.


Zeotel Virtual receptionist can be set up in a matter of hours, compared to 15-20 days for a premise PBX.