Get a Toll Free Number for Your Business

There's no better way to connect with your callers than with your own toll free number and virtual phone system. It also adds credibility to your business by conveying a nationwide reach

Removes Obstacles

Use toll free numbers

Customers are hesitant while dialing any company number. The Toll Free Numbers eliminate any sort of uncertainty in the caller's mind. The 'free' aspect encourages increased number of enquiries and orders. This ultimately will translate into a higher profit margin. Toll free phone number is a must if you wish to provide customer satisfaction for your fixed clientele.

Sound More Professional

Use toll free numbers

A toll free number can be an indispensable asset to your business. They're most often used for customer service or help lines as one of the biggest benefits is they allow customers to call your business without being charged for the call. However, there are a lot of other great benefits to having a one for your business. This helps to establish a long-term relationship with the customers.

Get A Smart Toll Free Number For You Business

Do you really need Toll Free Number? Do you want to facilitate communication with customers?

Toll Free service will help you to create a professional image and never miss a single call. Our toll free numbers are guranteed to be the cheapest or we will beat any price by 10%. It comes packed with over 25 plus features! Our 1800 Free Number can be set to forward to any working telecom operator phone.

Zeotel's Cloud Telephony Services Are Supported By 24X7 Support Services And Customer-Centric Care Programs

Zeotel cloud telephony has been providing the most advanced communications systems to enterprises since 2006. Our customizable products and services will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization and our world-class customer support is second to none.

Zeotel Support Ticket

Customers can manage there trouble tickets using Zeotel ticketing system.


Customers can manage services, monitor trouble tickets, and make payments.

Self Care Portal

We are excited to launch our redesigned SelfCare portal - 'My Zeotel' - Your Space. Your Way.

Boost Brand

Toll free number can make your company appear larger

Just like a good domain name, a good toll-free number creates instant prestige. This is probably more true because of the amount of toll-free marketing that's been done by large companies over the years.

Customer Recognition

Your customers will love to call your sales team

A good toll-free number is one of the best things you can use to increase customer referral marketing as well as repeat customers, as they feel more comfortable knowing they can pick up the phone and talk to someone easily.

Maximize ROI

Increase the chances of converting site visitors

Toll-free numbers provide additional channels to reach out to more customers and close more sales. We also recommend that you use our toll-free number in your advertising campaigns to increase your response rate.

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Taking advantage of toll free benefits creates a larger expanded corporate presence.

Using of a local number is great way to capture local market, but when you want to expand past local market you will need a Toll Free Number.


Providing easy viewing to the real-time status of all your account’s extensions, the Dashboard allows users to customize views, see who’s on the phone.


Zeotel Virtual receptionist can be set up in a matter of hours, compared to 15-20 days for a premise PBX.