About Zeotel Cloud Telephony Company

Zeotel is your next generation phone company

We gather exceptional talent from all over the globe with various backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives, but we all share one common dream: Change definition of telecommunication for the better and leave a mark on the world. - Zeotel Founder

Zeotel Network Infrastructure

Our communications platform is purpose built in the cloud for diversity, resiliency, and redundancy with multiple points of presence at major hubs across the India.

A Service Culture

Your company is more than a commodity. We are always available to partner with our customers to answer questions as they arise and solve problems for their businesses.

Some Facts About Zeotel

3 amazing facts about our company
Plus Happy Clients

We are dedicated to fulfilling customer needs and honouring commitments on time that we have made to them.

Years in Business

10 years on, we have evolved into a confident company that has helped thousands of amazing clients.

Network Uptime

We guarantee that our network will be available 100% of the time (excluding scheduled maintenance).

Our Reliable Partners

Social proof is a reference to the value of a person in a certain environment, based on the interactions with other people

Meet Zeotel Team

With decades of experience across nearly every aspect of communications and information technology, the Zeotel executive team brings a diverse, powerful set of skills to delivering the leading cloud voice platform to our customers.
Mohnish Verma

Founder & CEO

Mohnish is a Founder of Zeotel Communications and is one of India's leading communications and messaging development consultants. He is known for his authenticity, passion and deep understanding of storytelling and communication, and works with leaders across all sectors in India, USA and Europe.
I. Okunev


With over 15 years experience developing and implementing software, database, voice and systems software solutions, Igor forms the foundation for all of Zeotel's technical innovation. As the inventor of the Hosted PBX service, Igor directs the evolution of the system, is guru for all things telecom.
Vikas Marwaha

Director Sales

Vikas is responsible for overall revenue growth at Zeotel, including partner development and strategic customer relationship management. Vikas has over 15 years of management experience. Prior to joining Zeotel, he spent 8 years working with Lexus in Sydney where he was a VP Sales.
Nemanja Nedeljkovic

VP Technology

Nemanja is responsible for new product development as well as the overall operations and availability of the Zeotel platform. He brings over 8 years of experience in architecting and managing world-class cloud based solutions. Prior to Zeotel, Nemanja was the Founder of Orix Corporation in Serbia.